About Knox Monash Kids

Knox Monash Kids was born from the idea a local mum had when she wanted to source local information that helped make family life fun.

As a mum of a new baby, she relied on the internet to connect with what was happening around her. However, everything seemed to be either city centric or very commercialised. When she spoke to other families she discovered there were so many fantastic opportunities in the region and she would also often find out about great family events after they had been held. From there started the mission to develop a resource for families that would connect them with local businesses, groups, activities and events.

The Kids magazine started in Casey Cardinia in September 2015 before expanding to the Geelong, Yarra Ranges, Sunshine Coast and Stonnington Boroondara areas. Our team will aim to continually improve the service we provide and offer more and more exciting opportunities to the Knox Monash community in the future.