The fun of birth in a pandemic

Angelie, Allan and Talia Chandler.

By Melissa Meehan

Angeline Chandler was four months pregnant with her first child when Covid-19 hit.

For her, it meant her partner Allan couldn’t be there for all the major pregnancy milestones.

She went to appointments and scans alone.

“I think he pictured himself coming to all these appointments as well,” Angeline told Kids Today.

“Because she was our first baby and we had tried for a few years and even through IVF.

“I think it was a bit hard for him.”

Luckily Allan was allowed to attend the birth – and stayed by Angeline’s side for the 16-hour labour until Talia was born.

Council organised mums groups are often a lifeline to the outside for new mums stuck in the newborn haze.

However, because of the pandemic, Angeline felt as though she couldn’t really connect with other mums.

The council reached out and organised an online group – but with a colicky baby, Angeline never really got the chance to sit down in front of the computer to socialise.

She was also cut-off from family members who lived outside of the Yarra Valley, with the government pandemic laws blocking any travel further than five kilometres.

“That was really tough, it would have been really nice to have been able to get some help – just a couple of hours here and there from family members or friends,” she said.

But even when lockdown was over, Talia didn’t enjoy a car ride – meaning adventures far from home were not an easy feat.

And like many babies born in the middle of a pandemic – she was wary of new faces because she had hardly seen anyone but mum and dad for so long.

Talia is now 18 months old and taking the world by storm.

Like many other ‘Covid babies’ she started reaching milestones quicker than normal.

She crawled and talked a lot earlier than expected, her first word coming at four months.

But there is no one else Angeline would rather have spent lockdown with.