Our Children looking forward

Looking forward at Scoresby Secondary College

There is no doubt a sense of trepidation for the future of our young people as schools such as ours continue to navigate through the pandemic.

At Scoresby Secondary College, whilst we don’t know exactly what lies ahead, we are ensuring we do not become preoccupied with the events from the past eighteen months or, as John Wooden, American basketball player and coach once said, “if we fail to adapt we fail to move forward”.

Our staff recognise the impact the pandemic is having on everyone; however, we can gain so much more by supporting student engagement, learning and wellbeing through the provision of much needed routine, predictability and security; after all, if we look back too long we will miss the opportunities for our students in front of us.

We can liken this to the following analogy about driving a car.

Can you imagine trying to drive your car forward, while ONLY looking into your rear vision mirror for clarity of direction?

Not ideal, is it?

Yet we can easily build a dangerous habit of a ‘rear-view focus’ into our emotional and thought lives.

Sure, ‘reflecting back’ has its place. It’s good to learn from and be mindful of what’s behind us; there are also so many learnings during lockdown that can create a multitude of opportunities to innovate and build upon. Our car’s rear vision mirror is small compared to our forward-looking windscreen for a good reason!

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live but, how long can we expect to safely navigate the road ahead, if our focus is constantly backwards?

As Principal of our growing school community, we promote and maintain a positive mindset and as I say to the students:

“Don’t ever say you can’t, you can.

You might just have to find another way to get there!”

And get there they did!

Last year 100% of graduating students who applied for tertiary courses received a placement in their field of choice. We recognise that not all students choose to proceed to tertiary studies and celebrate equally their successes in obtaining apprenticeships, traineeships, employment, and other chosen pathways.

Gail Major

Executive Principal

Scoresby Secondary College