In focus: Lysterfield Lake

The bike trail is a good way to tire out the kids.

Known as one of the best lakes to swim in during Victoria’s warmer months – Lysterfield Lake has lots more to offer.

At the heart of the park, there are many ways to explore the large lake.

And while during lockdown the only think we can do is go for a walk to get our exercise, there’s plenty of things to keep the blood pumping when it’s all over.

Spring is the perfect time to go exploring too, whether it’s going canoeing or kayaking, searching for water birds or keeping an eye out for kangaroos.

Grab a barbecue spot near the lake and enjoy the day as the kids paddle in the ‘beach’ or run around on the grass.

There are nearby picnic tables and toilet blocks that make it perfect for a family day out.

Grab the kids’ scooters and bikes too and tire them out as they explore the beautiful setting.