Focusing on being WELL!

Focusing on wellbeing.

St. Jude’s School prioritises wellbeing.

They have even set up a classroom that they call The Well!

The Well is open before school, during play times and after school.

It is a place where adults and children can come to simply ‘Be Well’ by enjoying: their favourite activities, by socialising, by catching up with a friend or even speaking to one of The Well staff about how to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Why call this awesome place of fun and friendship ‘The Well’?

The Well is a symbol for community. In ancient times a well was both symbolically, and often literally, located at the center of the community. From the Well, the community drew water, the basic sustenance for life. Metaphorically, a well represented all the social resources of the community that were necessary to endure and thrive. If the well fell into disrepair, if the life giving water was polluted or diminished in quantity, the community suffered.

Wellbeing is both practice and perception; action and awareness. It is a state of being well in body, mind and spirit.

At St. Jude’s they focus on deeply understanding the concept of ‘human dignity’ – this work brings us into kind and generous relationships with each other. Their school motto is ‘Serve the Lord with Joy’, also know as ‘Be Your Best Self’.

They are very proud of their commitment to wellbeing – if you would like to visit their school and see ‘The Well’ in action, simply contact the school office.