Students learning today for tomorrow’s world

Scoresby Secondary College's partnership program gives students opportunities.

The World of work is changing. According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children entering school today will enter employment in jobs that do not yet exist. Scoresby Secondary College is leading the way in preparing our students for their futures through co-designed learning projects with business and industry.

Through the development of genuine partnerships, Scoresby Secondary College is providing authentic learning experiences for students that have increased student engagement, confidence, skills and aspirations. Thermo-Fisher Scientific is a major global company who have been in partnership with Scoresby Secondary College now for three years. They are Australia’s leader in science innovation, providing solutions to make Australia a safer, cleaner and more sustainable environment and have been at the forefront in research and development to help resolve the current pandemic. Located locally in Caribbean Industry Estate the school business partnership means students have multiple opportunities for gaining skills and knowledge sought by employer which is now being translated into providing employment and further training opportunities. What better experience for students pursuing careers in science than working side by side on projects or for prospective students and families at the College’s recent Open Night hearing about the new and emerging innovations to resolve the pandemic.

Teachers and students also co-design tasks with their other partners, Rotary Club of Knox, Building Better Australians, Knox City Council, KIOSC, University of Melbourne and the Australian Business Community Network. Scoresby Secondary College students have opportunities to develop lateral thinking and use self-direction to become adept problem-solvers. The students are highly motivated throughout the projects, increasing their creativity and communication and transferring these skills across other areas.

By approaching subjects from a different or unexpected angle, our teachers are allowing students to develop crucial new skills in preparation for the new Victorian Senior Secondary Certificate commencing in 2023, tertiary studies and employment.