A strong emphasis on learning


 Everything has its beginnings in its root. Educating children is no exception. With a strong emphasis on early learning because afterall it is here that is most important, Smart Reader has been able to see it through many generations of successful adults who have had their early exposure through our proven system. A system that has been around for decades and still continues to evolve with the times.

Let us take you and your child through a solid journey of growth like no other. Years 1 to 6 at school are very important in determining the ability of a child to cope later on in life. And ages 3 to 7 even more so. There is a saying, “you see the man in a child by the time he is seven”. With this in mind, let us not delay in giving what the child needed yesterday. Before we know it, 2021 is just weeks away. There is a lot of catching up to do. More now than ever before!

Contact us now on 0401109895, Smart Reader Wantirna South Facebook page or email info@smartreaderwantirnasouth.com.au to learn more about our English, Mandarin, Mathematics as well as Arts and Crafts program.