An ode to parents who homeschooled

By Melissa Meehan

Let’s raise a glass to all the mums and dads who have made their way through remote learning.

It was tough. But you did it.

And it’s over … for now.

Lockdown has been tough for everyone.

But I couldn’t imagine having to help with remote learning all while holding down a full-time job and looking after a younger child like many of my friends have.

I know mums of one who have struggled and I hate to think of how friends with three or more kids handled it (I’m told wine helped).

Sure the teachers have been amazing too.

Their planning has been first rate.

But many of us aren’t teachers, and I think we’ve all learnt that if you can hold a child’s attention for a full day then you deserve a medal.

(And teachers probably deserve to be paid much, much more).

And let’s raise another glass (anyone else feeling a little tipsy?) to parents who are also teachers.

Imagine having to teach your own kids while zooming an entire class on the computer screen and then working through the countless emails between students and their parents.

You guys are beyond.

I remember the huge relief I felt when playgrounds reopened and can only imagine the relief many felt when they dropped their kids at the school gate on Monday.

Many probably feel horrible for saying it out loud (don’t be, it’s been a long time in those four walls).

But I just don’t know how you did it.

Full-time work. Other kids. Remote learning.

All while in lockdown with no other outlets – like meeting friends, family support or being able to go for dinner and blow off some steam.

You deserve a bloody medal.

It’s not often that, as parents, we give ourselves credit or a round of applause.

But the time is now – should we raise another glass?

Maybe we should have ordered a bottle?!?

If there is something we should have learnt from lockdown and this pandemic it is that we need to be MUCH much kinder to ourselves. And celebrate the wins when we have them.

It’s also taught me that a small backyard may not be the way to go going forward.

That bikes are always a solid investment.

And that Uber Eats must have known something we didn’t (what a way to capture the market).

So yes, you may miss the kids (and the chaos), while they are at school.

But enjoy the silence and the knowledge that they are being well looked after at school and probably having the time of their lives with their friends (ah, the silence!).But mostly, they are probably enjoying looking at a face other than yours.

Well done mamas and papas.

You are superstars.