Parenting during COVID-19 isn’t easy

All I wanted was a nice photo on Mother's Day... but it wasn't to be (see crying toddler)

Opinion by Melissa Meehan

As we enter what feels like the 23rd week of isolation thanks to COVID-19 I’m here to say (rather scream from the rooftops) this is hard.

I am over the constant tantrums, mood swings and the sleepless nights – and I haven’t even got to my kids yet (jokes).

We were doing so well.

We’d found our rhythm, my two-year-old finally understood that when dad went upstairs on the computer he was at work and wasn’t meant to be disturbed too often, and I was back to a similar routine to before isolation and was keeping up with the housework.

We’d even found a nice balance between arts and crafts, screen time and getting out into the fresh air.

But this week. Wow.

It has been a battle.

It’s like my toddler has all of a sudden starting getting sick of my face, the single sight of me can send her into a blinding rage.

Other times I am the only person she wants to see and constantly touch, lean on and cuddle.

It’s a real life roller coaster.

All I wanted was a nice photo on Mother’s Day… but it wasn’t to be (see crying toddler)

Add to that a baby who all of a sudden decides to wake every 1-2 hours overnight and I am officially done.

It is exhausting – but it also makes you realise that all the events, outings and activities you think you organise for your kids on a weekly basis, are actually for you too.

We usually had a busy week pre-isolation.

Mondays we would meet my mother-in-law for coffee, Tuesdays my parents would take my two year old so I could have some one-on-one time with the baby, Playgroup on Wednesday, catch up with friends on Thursdays and swimming on Fridays.

It was busy – but wow. It breaks up the week.

Those adult conversations are what I really and truly crave at the moment. The different faces, stories, voices.

And don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and husband – but it’s hard. And that’s OK to say out loud.

I’m sure many others feel that way too!

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