Kinder, childcare to stay open in Victoria

By Melissa Meehan

Victorian childcare centres and kindergartens will remain open as pubs, clubs and cinemas are closed down thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools are also expected to reopen as normal at the end of the school holidays, according to Premier Daniel Andrews.

Government schools will close at the end of the day on Monday.

“These are not ordinary school holidays,” he said.

“Every Australian has been advised not to undertake non-essential travel and I’m advising every family that school holidays, where kids might be going and staying at friend’s places, kids might be going to shopping malls and doing all the usual thing, that is not appropriate.”

He said if Victorians didn’t start taking government warnings seriously, people would die.

Mr Andrews said childcare centres and kindergartens will not be affected by the mass closures, but he expected to make further announcements at some point following directions from the Chief Medical Officer.

“The bans, this shutdown, includes pubs, clubs, nightclubs, Crown Casino, licensed venues in hotels and pubs beyond that, gyms, indoor sporting venues, places of worship, cinemas, entertainment venue, weddings and funerals,” he said.

“This list is comprehensive. This list basically represents a very big step, a massive step that is essential to keep Victorians and Australians safe.”

He said schools were planning on distancing and online education in the case that the Chief Medical Officer decides they shouldn’t reopen after the holidays.

The restrictions will come into place from mid-day on Monday and remain in force until midnight on April 13.