A moving tale of paying it forward

Jessie Macpherson is the founder and CEO of St Kilda Mums, an organisation now based in Clayton.
She is also the CEO of Geelong Mums and Eureka Mums.
The Mums tirelessly work to help mothers and children by providing them with their essential needs.
One the most essential items many mums in crisis need is a safe place for their baby to sleep, especially when they have had to flee their home in a hurry due to domestic violence.
This story is one that touched our hearts deeply. Jessie wrote this at the end of last year and posted it on her social media feed.
We wanted to share this tale of ‘paying it forward’ – the ultimate way of giving thanks.
“Years ago, eight to be precise, St Kilda Mums helped a mum with a baby girl who had left a violent and abusive marriage. She and her husband had moved to Australia not long before; she was alone in Australia with no family or friends.
Her husband had discouraged any new friendships, seeking to isolate and further control her. The violence increased during pregnancy, which is something that is all too common.
Once it became unbearable and once she realised that she could not protect her daughter, she took a brave step and asked for help from an ex-work colleague. Together they planned her escape and she started over.
St Kilda Mums provided a cot for her daughter who was about one at the time, as well as clothing and other essentials.
The following Christmas, and every Christmas since, this mum has donated money to buy a new cot for another baby.
This year, when I saw that once again she had donated money for another mother in need, I burst into tears. I was overwhelmed with emotion that this brave mother has now provided at least eight safe places to sleep, dream and play for eight babies she will never know. She is my hero. She is the rainbow after the storm.”
This month St Kilda Mums launched an appeal to keep vulnerable families mobile and connected to support services and their community, and ensure babies and children travel safely.
Please consider donating to St Kilda Mums who can ensure all babies have a safe place to sleep and a safe means of transport. Please visit the website https://www.stkildamums.org/