Swaddle Up and Support Grieving Parents

October is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month. As a way of honouring more than 103,000 babies lost through miscarriage each year, Aussie business LOVE TO DREAMTM is donating $5 from each purchase of their custom designed Rainbow Swaddle Up baby wrap to The Pink Elephants Support Network. Pink Elephants is a charity which supports parents through early miscarriage and pregnancy loss. 

Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Pink Elephants Support Network, Samantha Payne said the partnership is important to honour babies lost. It is also a time to celebrate “Rainbow Babies” a term coined for those born shortly after a loss, so-called because a “rainbow follows a storm” and indicates hope for the future.

In Australia, one in four pregnancies will before 12 weeks and 103,000 couples report a miscarriage each year. However, 80 per cent of these women who go on to experience a healthy pregnancy and deliver a ”Rainbow Baby”.

The Pink Elephants Support Network provides empathy, validation and connection to those experiencing miscarriage and early pregnancy loss through emotional support literature that helps women navigate their miscarriage and fertility journeys, as no woman should have to walk alone.

“We all know someone who has suffered early pregnancy loss; it has such a devastating impact on couples. It affects them after the loss, on their journey to have another baby and during their subsequent pregnancy. Creating the Rainbow SWADDLE UP™ and supporting The Pink Elephants Support Network is our way of showing we care about families going through this challenging time.”

“This unique partnership with LOVE TO DREAMTM gives us the opportunity to celebrate special rainbow babies born to mums who have endured the heartache of pregnancy loss, while also helping us to reach more parents with the support they need during the difficult period of losing a baby,” Pink Elephant’s Ms Payne said.  

Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month takes place in October each year and helps to raise awareness of pregnancy loss and the impact it has on millions of families each year worldwide. International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day takes place on October 15th.

For more information please visit miscarriagesupport.org.au/beyond-miscarriage/rainbow/ or lovetodream.com.au/rainbow.