Pregnant mums unaware of drinking risk

It’s not new information that alcohol and babies do not mix and yet latest research shows some alarming results. Almost a third of Aussies are unaware or are not sure of the risks of drinking alcohol when planning a pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Medical doctor and DrinkWise Ambassador, Dr Andrew Rochford says  “I strongly recommend that it’s safest to not to drink alcohol while planning a pregnancy, during a pregnancy or while breastfeeding”.

  “Alcohol exposure during pregnancy can lead to babies being at risk of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a condition that can manifest in a number of ways. These included distinct facial features, but more commonly as neurodevelopmental impairments that can affect things like memory, learning and behaviour”, Dr Rochford explained.

Many women intend to stop drink completely when they become pregnant, yet the latest research suggests many more people in our community need ongoing education community about the risks of consuming alcohol while pregnant. “We encourage partners, family and friends to be informed of the risks and support their loved ones to enjoy an alcohol-free pregnancy,”  said Simon Strahan, CEO of DrinkWise.

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